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[22 May 2005|01:26pm]

Hey Yellowjackets, what's up?

I just found the community... seems kinda small but I'll see if I can get some other folks to join.

I went to BHS from '90-'93, yes I graduated a year early, I just wanted to get the hell out of high school.

It's great to see Mr. Panasenko listed as an interest and read everyone's stories about him. Also, that picture of Ms. Herndon totally cracked me up.

Anyhow, just wanted to say hey.
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[07 Feb 2005|12:59pm]

For any who are interested, this camp is run by a friend of mine and it's pretty damn cool.
tell your friends!


Come join the modern Renaissance!
As of the first of February, we are opening up the limited-space roster of A Hard Day’s Knight, California’s quintessential Knighthood Training summer intensive! The H.D.K. program is a comprehensive learning environment for the adventurous 16-21 year old who would like to explore what it takes to be a Knight in a modern world that is desperately in need of heroes. Learn the arts of sword, staff, dagger, axe, spear, shield and bow combat. Experience medieval dance, crafts and music, enjoy our “Fighter’s Cuisine,” discover the secrets of an ecologically functional lifestyle and tell tall tales around a campfire of new friends. There are two “Pagehood” camps going on this summer, each two weeks in length, and one three week Squirehood Intensive, available to returning students. This world is waiting for you, but it will not wait long. Come experience the Quest!
Sign-ups are going on now, and availability is limited. For more information/exploration please check us out at WWW.THENEXTQUEST.COM and contact us through the site, or contact the office directly at (510) 813-9185. We are an equal-gender environment, and accept our students in small groups through an application process.
Thank you for your interest!
-Jordan Mackay
Director, H.D.K.
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Hey! [12 Oct 2004|12:10pm]

[ mood | sick ]


So, yeah...

I'm home sick from school today. And I'm really bored!
Thats how I found this. Cool, huh?

So, I'm a sophmore.

Just joined Berkeley high this year.

I have been homeschooled up till now.

Wow, berkeley high can be scary. My first day, I only knew one person. I was scared as hell,though I like to think that I did a good job of hiding it.
But, after about 3-5 days, I was pretty mellow about everything.

Telling people how I had been homeschooled all my life was always funny. The most common question was "How did you make friends?"

Everyone assumes that homeschooled kids have no social life. And, I admit. When I would meet other homeschoolers, most would be total losers!

Well, I do have friends. Really awsome friends. Most the people I would hang out with where either already graduated, or doing the same homeschooling thing as me.
I knew quite a few people form albany high, too.

I got sent to Berkeley high because of a court case between my dad and me.

My first freshman friday was funny too, even though I am not a freshman these 2 seniors said they where ging to egg me anyways.

I said I would break their arms.

They took me to be serious, and left me alone.

So, I think I have rambled on enough for one entry.

I think we are supposed to post funny things that happen to us, so I'll be sure to post soemthing of interest soon.

Bye bye now and sorry if I bored you. I didin't mean to write so much,


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[20 Jun 2004|05:13pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

hey wat is the name of ur set up 4 ur journal thingy cuz i wanna get mine set up so i can hav a diff icon thing everytime 2 but idk the set up thing

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come see ITP's. [03 Feb 2004|11:55pm]

Independent Theater Projects opens this Friday. It's an evening of three one-act plays:

Life Under Water, by Richard Greenberg.
Hello Out There, by William Saroyan.
Poodle with Guitar and Dark Glasses, by Lizz Duffy Adams.

Suggested donation is:
$4 - students
$8 - adults

Come! It's a great show, and a great way to support BHS students. Spread the word!
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[20 Dec 2003|08:31pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Mr. Slemp was walking around handing out candy canes on Friday.

My friend now believes he is Santa Claus in disguise.

Gotta love Berkeley High.

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[05 Dec 2003|05:38pm]

[ mood | calm ]

I just found out today exactly why the Bancroft gate is closed all the time. Me and my neighbor (who also goes to B. High) walk there every morning and it is always closed. It's the same in the afternoon, which was really annoying at the beginning of the year: I would walk out of the H building and find the gate closed and not really in the mood to jump it. Which meant I had to go back into the H building and go out through the breezeway.

This morning there were some security guards standing by the gate and Nora had the idea of asking them why the gate was closed. Basically, Mr. Slemp wants to keep people who don't go to B. High from walking through it. I can sort of see that, but still. It's been that way for so long and it's so nice to have that gate right there. If somebody really wanted to come on campus, they would get on campus.

That still annoys me. But otherwise, Mr. Slemp seems pretty cool. The pep rally was hi-larious.

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[13 Nov 2003|09:44pm]

so werd actually spent an hour and a half counseling my sister today.

ninety minutes. that's quite a few.

what's going on? why is bhs acting like it knows what it's doing?
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[06 Nov 2003|09:40pm]

here's my story as an example of why the student body should (and does!) have some semblance of faith in the administration.

tomorrow they're not letting people off campus after lunch (like, hard-core sealing). i only have one class after lunch, after which i need to get to cal for my math class. so today at lunch i wander into the admin portable, trying to figure out what to do. i'm not sure exactly whom to talk to, but i see an open door with "matt huxley - vice principal." looks good.

mr. huxley asked me what i needed - no putting me on hold or anything. i explained to him what was up, and he immediately got the director of student activities on the walkie-talkie (no waiting, no "see this person," no "fill out this form"). he confirmed the policy (because he wasn't sure) and confirmed that i was a valid exception, and then printed out my schedule and wrote a note saying that i could leave and his extension number. "if you have any problems don't hesitate to come find me!"

bam. ten minutes, tops. no waiting. no hassle. no crap. just fixing my problem.

i really do like this administration. i think it's the first competent one in quite some time. hopefully the students won't fuck up tomorrow and ruin slemp's credibility.
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memories of BHS. [17 Oct 2003|12:32pm]

hi i guess i will update so as to give tatooedemiwee pleasure.

one thing i was just thinking about that i remember about berkeley high was that every single time i went into the bathroom, without fail, there would be a group of girls. i cannot say the race of these girls because that would politically incorrect. merely mentioning that these girls happened to be a certain color could get me burned at the steak, or maybe tarred and feathered, or shot, or something bad like that. i think that really sucks. i am a writer and i would like to paint a picture for you of these particular girls. it is really quite unfair. that is one thing i hated about berkeley high. everyone of color could make fun of whitey all the time, but i can't mention that these girls were black. oh see there i just said it by accident. ca't take it back now. here we go.

there would always be these girls in the bathroom putting gel in their hair. this was not normal gel. it was called 'cholesterol gel'. "hi i am putting fat in my hair". yes and it looked like fat too. it looked like a big jar of liposucked fat and i bet that really is what it was. these girls were always in the bathroom. whenever someone went in there to take a crap, the girls was smell it and make loud comments as though it was a personal offense to them, like you had just crapped on their sofa. it was BATHROOM goddamnit. people are going to crap in their. it is completely inevitable. lighten up you fucking stupid ass whores. yea that's right. fuck you and your stupid gel and your stupid comments. i should have been able to crap in peace. i didn't like feeling threatened whenever i went into the bathroom. i didn't like your dirty looks when i came out of the stall after taking a crap. fuck you idiot cholesterol girls. i'll crap on your FACE. yea i'll come to your house and crap all over you and your babydaddy too.

i also remember that i used to put on makeup everyday during mr. teel's class. now i realize that was pretty disrespectful. i probably shouldn't have done that. i did it sitting in the front row, geez what the hell was i thinking about?

i also used to chew gum every time i went to the library, all six or seven times in four years. i did it just because we weren't supposed to. they didn't really have any books there anyway. there was gum under all the tables and chairs.

how's that emily?
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Hrmmm... [15 Oct 2003|02:25pm]

So let's see...

I've decided to talk about current going on's at Berkeley High.

First of all, I'm actually in class right now. XD The new building is opening during winter break and it seems that BHS is really into landscaping and gardening right now because the space between the field and the C building is currently being renovated with lots of grass and plants and interesting bits of masonry.

I've never had Mr. Panesenko (sp?) but I do know he's not teaching here anymore (I think).

Our new principal is a guy named Mr. Slemp and about the only thing I know about him is well... he's -really- tall. Otherwise, I heard he's pretty good job so far.

Seeing as it's hell to type on this keyboard I'll leave you with this and see if I find more to say later.
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[14 Oct 2003|03:48pm]

[ mood | curious ]

well kids, it looks like this journal never did become what it was supposed to.
i wish more members would update!
I know there are a bunch of you who belong to the community but have never told your stories and it's too bad!
i dunno, i'll do my best to breathe some life into this thing, but i'm getting mu butt kicked in school this year, and in january i'm leaving the country for 4 months so...........anyone feel free to help out!

i'd love to find out what's going on with the new building, if it's open yet or what.
who's the principal?
it it becoming the sesspool that mr p says it is?

fill me in people!!!

ok, well i hope everyone is well

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Hrmmm... [09 Jul 2003|02:37pm]

I'm a sophmore turning junior (it's summer, huzzah!) at BHS...

I'm a geek/dork. ^ ^. I gladly admit it... so therefore no cool stories from me as I am near extreme when it comes to being low-key...

But yes, Berkeley High is quite wonderful. I use to live in Oakland (moved to Berkeley in 5th grade) and that coupled with all the crap I went through to get to high school a year early... ummm... I really like the place! I can think of all too many places that are much worst...

Mmph. That's it.

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[26 Jun 2003|03:57am]

oh, btw, a little BHS hint for anyone who still goes there, any schlage key with open the faculty bathrooms on the second floor of the G building (or used to, I've been told it no longer works). I used to use them sophmore and junior year when I still went to class around there using my backdoor key. Very nice clean bathrooms if you have to take care of bussiness and are afraid the diseases in the student bathrooms may be fatal. Mr P ran into me once when I was coming out of the womens faculty bathroom once. Not often I get to confuse him like that.
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yay, look at me, I joined this community, whoo-hoo [26 Jun 2003|03:05am]

[ mood | awake ]

yeah, I'm an 03, just graduated, I rule.

I was a generally slackerly student. I didn't cut once freshman year, but half way through sophmore year I already had 150+ cuts or something. It got worse, or better in my opinion. My GPA is like... uhhh... way low, maybe still above 2.0. I had lots of fun with school once I stopped going to class and doing work. I was never huge on school spirit, kinda quiet in the class room, shy with people I didn't know, completely nuts with those I did know. The people I knew were ocassionally knew as the wall crawlers because we hung out atop the big brick wall between the courtyard and the joint between the G and H buildings (behind the admin portable now). I was about the only one who did any climbing on the wall, though more often jumping off it.

I hung out with Mr. P a lot junior year, a little bit sophmore and junior. Best teacher/troublemaker ever. I actually share my birthday with him, so I stopped in once to say happy b-day, and we each had a little beaker of bourbon. I never actually made it to any of his birthday parties or his bachlor party, which I'm truely ashamed of. Schedual was just evil. However, I am going to his retirement party this monday, and nothing shall stand in my way. That's right, after 40 years (and intending to retire for about half that time) he's actually leaving BHS.

I was also in the small school common ground with dana richards and all. Cool stuff, but I don't have much to say about it right now.

As for a good story...

A few come to mind, but nothing great. One time I was in the park with my friend, in the fountian (that really only contains beer and urine). I was cracking a snapple bottle with a powerful torch and making little fireballs ('cause, ya know, it's fun, very safe though). When suddenly the back of my neck is grabbed and I hear, "do you have any weapons on you." I turned around to see a motorcycle cop that looks just like the guy out of terminator 2. Then half a dozen more motorcycle cops roll right up to the fountain, a couple bike cops, and two more walk up from a car, totalling just short of a dozen cops. My only explination for this over reaction is that it was only a week or two after 9/11, but honestly I don't know. Then I see Wigins and Officer Brown come over from the school. I'm just thinkin', "wow... am I ever fucked" My backpack gets searched, they don't find anything interesting, (not that there was nothing interesting to find). Then Brown starts to question me, normal shit, name address, what the hell were you thinking... so on. Then he asks, "what grade are you in", I answer junior as I was at the time. He says, "so you were here when the G building burnt down, right?" I correct him "you mean the B building? yeah." He pauses then looks me straight in the eye "did you do it?" I'm a crazy stupid person, and sometimes I like to give the more entertaining answers, fortunatly I'm not moronic enough to claim responsibility for burning down a building, so I say "no." He asks "would you tell me if you did?" Trying to just be cooprative I say, "yeah, I would." He says "oh you lie!" then starts cracking up, as do I (though generally more timidly). We got off with nothing! Never got a call home, it was off school grounds so there wasn't really an issue there, I don't think we actually broke any laws, no calls home, nothing. Wigins made some empty threats about ever catching us with that shit on campus, but I wasn't worried about that.

ah, good times. Mr P enjoyed the story, then told a few of his own and totally out did me, but whatever.

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[13 May 2003|12:56pm]

I scored a 86% on the "How Berkeley Can You Be?" Quizie! What about you?</b>
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the four year fart [13 May 2003|12:48pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

hello yellow jackets. i thought high school sucked, but i will join anyway, because emily will hurt me if i don't.

i can't wait to see everyone at the 5 year reunion. i'm going to pretend to be pregnant, addicted to crack, and dating emily. what about you?

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[12 May 2003|05:03pm]

I scored a 95% on the "How Berkeley Can You Be?" Quizie! What about you?</b>
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[12 May 2003|04:00pm]

[ mood | groggy ]

Ok, maybe i need to add my own story:

senior year spirit day.
i parepared for the day by filling two water bottles with booze. i met my friend rachel before school to get ready, then we got on the bus and headed downtown. It was too obvious who went to bhs, and how old they were by the costumes we saw getting on the bus. the frosh wear one red and/or yellow item, and the older you get the more you find yourself decked out in the oddest clothing...
we got to school, drank as much as we could, then i stashed my bottles in a locker in the YMCA -we weren't allowed to have backpacks, so the booze was a little too out in the open.
preiodically throught the day we would run into the Y to snag another swig and as the day wore on we began knocking into people as we proceeded to run our asses out of the locker room.
the best part of the day tho, was lunch time.
we were all doing our thing on the senior steps....when a junior set foot on that sacred ground. immediately all seniors rallied against the tiny junior, there was no way he was going to stay there and live. but for some reason, he decided to be a punk and stand his ground.
an administrator, noting the yells of defiance coming from the steps walked up to our group and, lookign at the junior she said "are you a senior?" he said "no" then she said "well then, what the hell are you doing on the senior steps?? get outta here!"
it was total victory. we went wild, an administrator on our side...priceless.

later that day my friends and i thought it would be fun to go to my physics class, i think i had a test or something. so we ran in, and the first thing they did was get up on the tables and start dancing, no joke.
so my teacher pulled me aside and said "have you girls been DRINKING???"
-apparently we reeked of the gin we'd been drinking-
i said nono, they're just hyper, and he let us go....we then ran up to mr p's class and wreaked havoc on his class.
ahhhh mr p :)
ahhh spirit day :)

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[11 May 2003|05:07pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

so it's begun...
i really thought it was about time we had a real BHS site, and i'm actually pretty shocked that i was the first one to think of it.
my idea for this place is for long lost BHSers to visit and post any and all interesting stories they might have from that school. i am, of course, totally open to those of you who might still be stuck there to let all of us who graduated know what's currently going on there, and what's going on with your life.
so.....tell as many people as you like about this, and have fun!
oh, and please, don't keep it clean :)

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